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Sociedad Internacional para el Avance de la Investigación en Escritura

The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research
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    • The Blackbird Whistling or Just After? Vygotskys Tool and Sign as an Analytic for Writing December 17, 2015
      Based on Vygotsky’s theory of the interplay of the tool and sign functions of language, this study presents a textual analysis of a corpus of student-authored texts to illuminate aspects of development evidenced through the dialectical tension of tool and sign. Data were drawn from a series of reflective memos I authored during a seminar […]
      Imbrenda, J.-P.
    • Stylizing Genderlect Online for Social Action: A Corpus Analysis of 'BIC Cristal for Her Reviews December 17, 2015
      This article introduces the concept of stylization and illustrates its usefulness for studying online discourse by examining how writers have employed it in order to parody sexist products such as BIC Cristal for Her, using genderlect in order to introduce dissonance into and reframe patriarchal discourse. A corpus analysis of 671 reviews, written from August […]
      Ray, B.
    • Tracing the Development of Argumentive Writing in a Discourse-Rich Context December 17, 2015
      In most assessments of students’ argumentive writing and in most research on the topic, students write on topics for which they have no specific prior preparation. We examined development in the argumentive writing urban middle school students did as part of a two-year dialogic-based intervention in which students engaged deeply with a series of topics […]
      Kuhn, D., Hemberger, L., Khait, V.