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Sociedad Internacional para el Avance de la Investigación en Escritura

The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research
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    • Elementary Teachers Negotiating Discourses in Writing Instruction January 29, 2014
      Using Ivanic’s (2004) framework, the study of 20 elementary teachers examines the relationships among teachers’ beliefs about writing, their instructional practices, and contextual factors. While the district-adopted curriculum reflected specific discourses, teachers’ beliefs and practices reflected a combination of discourses. The nature of the professional […]
      McCarthey, S. J., Woodard, R., Kang, G.
    • The Quotation Theory of Writing January 29, 2014
      Learning to read and write is seen as both the acquisition of skills useful in a modern society and an introduction to a world increasingly organized around the reading and writing of authoritative texts. While most agree on the importance of writing, insufficient attention has been given to the more basic question of just what writing is, that is, how best […]
      Olson, D. R., Oatley, K.
    • Variation in Citational Practice in a Corpus of Student Biology Papers: From Parenthetical Plonking to Intertextual Storytelling January 29, 2014
      This is a corpus-based study of a key aspect of academic writing in one discipline (biology) by final-year undergraduates and first-, second-, and third-year graduate students. The papers come from the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers, a freely available electronic database. The principal aim of the study is to examine the extent of variation in […]
      Swales, J. M.