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The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research
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    • Supporting Fifth-Grade ELLs' Argumentative Writing Development July 16, 2014
      This article reports instruction supporting the development of fifth grade English learners’ argumentative writing in an English language arts setting. Arguments analyzed for the study were produced by the same students on two occasions, roughly 3 months apart. In the first instance, students discussed the source text in detail, but were given no genre-speci
      O'Hallaron, C. L.
    • Examining Readers' Evaluations of Objectivity and Bias in News Discourse July 16, 2014
      Readers’ objectivity and bias evaluations of news texts were investigated in order to better understand the process by which readers make these kinds of judgments and the evidence on which they base them. Readers were primed to evaluate news texts for objectivity and bias, and their selections and metacommentary were analyzed. Readers detected bias in passag
      Cramer, P., Eisenhart, C.
    • Situating Transnational Genre Knowledge: A Genre Trajectory Analysis of One Student's Personal and Academic Writing July 16, 2014
      Scholars have recently begun to conceive of literacy practices as drawing from resources that are simultaneously situated and extracontextual. In particular, studies of transnational literacy affirm the importance of both locality and movement in literacy studies. Continuing this inquiry into the situated and dispersed nature of transnational literacy, the a
      Rounsaville, A.