The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research

Sociedad Internacional para el Avance de la Investigación en Escritura

The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research
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    • The Power of Relevant Models: Using a Corpus of Student Writing to Introduce Disciplinary Practices in a First Year Composition Course June 16, 2015
      In attempts to find appropriate and authentic materials for students who are developing their academic writing skills, instructors often turn to works written by professional academics. However, genres such as published research articles and textbooks in specific disciplines may not be the most suitable models for what first year composition writers are expected to produce. […]
    • Volunteer Expert Readers for STEM Student Writer December 22, 2014
      This paper reports results from a three-year study of a novel approach to providing undergraduates with feedback on STEM writing assignments via an otherwise untapped educational resource: university alumni and employees who normally play no role in the institution's educational mission. In the Volunteer Expert Reader (VER) approach, students are paired with volunteers whose backgrounds […]
    • Extra-Disciplinary Writing in the Disciplines: Towards a Metageneric Pedagogy December 22, 2014
      Much of the foundational scholarship in writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines privileges pedagogies that introduce students to disciplinary writing. Recent scholarship, however, suggests that some faculty members do not want to teach disciplinary writing to their students, particularly in general education courses that cater to both majors and non-majors. Through an […]