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Sociedad Internacional para el Avance de la Investigación en Escritura

The International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research
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    • Time, Space, and Text in the Elementary School Digital Writing Classroom October 1, 2014
      Theorists of multiliteracies, social semiotics, and the New Literacy Studies have drawn attention to the potential changing nature of writing and literacy in the context of networked communications. This article reports findings from a design-based research project in Year 4 classrooms (students aged 8.5-10 years) in a low socioeconomic status school. A new writing program […]
      Mills, K. A., Exley, B.
    • Features of Digital African American Language in a Social Network Site October 1, 2014
      This study examines a social network site (SNS) where specific interlocutors communicate by combining aspects of academic American English (AE), digital language (DL), and African American Language (AAL)—creating a digital form of AAL or digital AAL (DAAL). This article describes the features of DAAL in the discursive, online context of MySpace, by analyzing a corpus […]
      Cunningham, J. M.
    • Acknowledgments October 1, 2014
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    • Extra-Disciplinary Writing in the Disciplines: Towards a Metageneric Pedagogy December 22, 2014
      Much of the foundational scholarship in writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines privileges pedagogies that introduce students to disciplinary writing. Recent scholarship, however, suggests that some faculty members do not want to teach disciplinary writing to their students, particularly in general education courses that cater to both majors and non-majors. Through an […]
    • Volunteer Expert Readers for STEM Student Writer December 22, 2014
      This paper reports results from a three-year study of a novel approach to providing undergraduates with feedback on STEM writing assignments via an otherwise untapped educational resource: university alumni and employees who normally play no role in the institution's educational mission. In the Volunteer Expert Reader (VER) approach, students are paired with volunteers whose backgrounds […]
    • Academic Integrity, Remix Culture, Globalization: A Canadian Case Study of Student and Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism November 24, 2014
      This article presents the results of a case study at a Canadian university that used a combination of surveys and focus groups to explore faculty members' and students' perceptions of plagiarism. The research suggests that the globalization of education and remix culture have contributed to competing and contradictory understandings of plagiarism in contemporary western academic […]